Undergraduate Programmes

B.A. Arabic Arabic
B.A. English English and Literary Studies
B.A. Arts Combined FAIS (Combined)
B.A. French Linguistics and Foreign Languages
B.A. History History
B.A. Islamic Studies Islamic Studies and Shariah
B.A. Linguistics Linguistics and Foreign Languages
B.A. Hausa Nigerian Languages

Post-graduate Programmes

M.A Arabic Language
M.A Arabic Literature
M.A English Language
M.A English Literature
M.A History None
Masters in Development Studies None
M.A Islamic Studies None
M.A French Language
M.A French Literature
Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Studies and Shariah None
Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies None
Postgraduate Diploma in Arabic None
Ph.D/M.Phil English Language
Ph.D/M.Phil English Literature
Ph.D/M.Phil Arabic Language
Ph.D/M.Phil Arabic Literature
Ph.D/M.Phil History None
Ph.D/M.Phil Islamic Studies None
Ph.D French None
Ph.D/M.Phil French None