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105 Responses

  1. Omom says:

    So were you able to use the result for that year

  2. Prof says:

    Good job Boss

  3. Easywealth says:

    nice article…….had almost same issue…believe me u wouldnt want to experience this…
    thanks o3schools, u just eased the burden for those who might go through the same thing..

  4. Opeyemi says:

    Thank you for this article. Where is d friend number you want to drop

  5. Joseph Sunday says:

    Hi, i wish to correct the DOB of my WAEC GCE result as soon as possible. who do i call?

  6. Pretty says:

    Is the change in DOB in waec certificate genuine? I mean will it reflect in waec system that it has been changed? How will they get old passport because waec was written when most people were younger

  7. Toyim says:

    But I thought that it’s no longer possible again according to WAEC?

  8. Rosemary says:

    Am having issue on my date of birth Please how can I get ur contact

  9. Rosemary says:


  10. Rosemary says:

    An waiting for ur call

  11. Nwankwo Nnanyelugo says:

    I Want To Correct My Name And DOB in my waec certificate

  12. Titi says:

    Can u use ur waec print out 4 clearance or must it be ur warc certificate

  13. Titi says:

    Can u use ur waec print out 4 clearance or must it be ur waec certificate

  14. shamsudeen says:

    after correction of data will it change immediately online????

  15. Michael says:

    hello ,I wish to correct my name on my waec result. is it still possible?

  16. Meshack says:

    Bro, how about a situation whereby the name on my waec result doesn’t have my middle name on it? But that of jamb has?

  17. Pls when ur corrected certificate was ready
    Did you pay for the corrected certificate
    I mean did you re-pay for the certificate
    bcoz I paid #3,500 initially for the certificate before its was later returned after the error was corrected

  18. Jide says:

    Is it possible to change the full name on my waec result?

  19. emmanuel says:

    I have done the needful, when will my document be ready???

  20. emmanuel says:

    Sent my document to your friend.

  21. precious says:

    wrong date of birth 07/09/2014 instead of 09/09/2014 but I alternated the 7-9 can I amend it

  22. Timilehin says:

    I’m having issue with date of birth on my waec form and I have to upload on my student portal before registration, what Shud I upload

  23. WASHINGTON says:


  24. JOHNSON says:

    I have a problem of WAEC date of birth which stop me from going for NYSC service last year. Can I change it and still go service.
    mistake was made during WAEC 2007 registration instead of 27.12.1991 it is 27.12.1983

  25. Daniel says:

    Just noticed my name was misspelt
    How do I contact you please

  26. John says:

    pls, my sister’s name was incomplete and now DELSU is refusing to clear her. We’ve gone to WAEC to rectify it but they are saying that there’s nothing that can be done. I just saw your article now and decided to send a message. Pls, what can i do?

  27. Victorbaba says:

    Dude I need my WAEC DOB corrected asap. Been to their office here in Lagos and I was told correction of DOB ended January 1st 2017 (Buhari why?!!) I have a couple of questions, can it still be done? Secondly, will my corrected DOB reflect on waec website and as authentic as it can get? Thanks for info man, more knowledge to your brain!

  28. Emili Elizabeth Blessing says:

    Pls I discovered that my date of birthand my name is not correct on my waec / Gce result and I need to register for Nysc this April plsss what do I do?

  29. Emili Elizabeth blessings says:

    Plss I really need your help concerning mistake on my name and date of birth on my WAEC/ Gce result. What do I do? Because I have plans in registering for nysc this april. This I smy number 09039338577

  30. Tunmise says:

    Please i need your number. Am having the same issue with my result and i have been admitted to uniben. They are asking me to go correct it within 6 month

  31. Uju says:

    Please do you know how to go about NECO mispelt name?

  32. Cynthia says:

    Please do you know how i can correct a misspelled name on my NECO?

  33. taiwss says:

    Do u have contact of those that can help me do DOB correction in ib, I need it Asap

  34. busola says:

    pls I want to combine my o level with different surname…. fasuhanmi busola fayokemi 2nd result oluwadiya busola fayokemi , pls help

  35. Okorie Williams says:

    Please I want to correct my DOB, please call me so that I will sort it out. 08062749221. or drop yours so that I will call you

  36. maureen says:

    I will be awaiting your reply. Thanks

  37. Marv says:

    Please i made a mistake in my DoB on My waec result, nd ave been cleared temporarily nd i was asked to correct it as well before six months…
    How do i go about it

  38. Grace says:

    please i made a mistake in my DOB on my waec result, how can i correct it.

  39. Eze ebere says:

    Please this is my number 08137595840 i need to chNge mu name

  40. Mubarak says:

    I want to correct my dob on my wace result pls bros help me out dis is my number 08060878470

  41. Hassan says:

    I want to correct my dob, pls I need your help.

  42. Ikechukwu says:

    Good day bro! I was bounced out of UBA aptitude test because of mistake on my DOB and name on my WAEC plz i strongly need your help to solve this. But am in Lagos n i wrote mine in Lagos also… 08060085495 flash me 3 times please

  43. Edellina says:

    Please i am a Ghanaian but I am experiencing that same problem please what should I do

  44. Victor Uc says:

    Has anyone really corrected their Date of Birth ? Please kindly respond on here…

  45. Oshe says:

    What of NYSC correction of dob

  46. mike says:

    hello owo,my number is 08139623414,i need to correct my dob on waec,can u chat me or call

  47. Joshua says:

    I wish to correct my gf certificate right now … Pls can u give me d phone number, thank u.

  48. michael says:

    please can I still correct WAEC 2017 data of birth

  49. tejiri says:

    how can i correct my name in my waec result pls contact me

  50. Rosemary says:

    please i really need help right now am in Bach A i need to correct the date of birth of waec to enable me go for service please, how will I do that 08136587413

  51. victor says:

    pls my names in jamb are CHUKWUMA VICTOR CHINONSO and in Waec is CHUKWUMA VICTOR Pls is it possible to change it now or b4 the result. and pls how much can it cost me

  52. Ceewhy says:

    can people with laminated original certificate correct their DOB? please help

  53. Blessing says:

    Good morning.
    My case isn’t completely similar.
    I’m took WAEC this year nd after sitting for bout 2 papers, I got my ID card. Now the issue is, on my ID card, only 2 of my names reflected but I have been using all three since my registration so I’d like to know, will it affect me in any way when results are released?
    Pls, I’m quite scared
    Thank you

  54. AKIN says:

    Is WAEC still accepting change of names to certificates. I thought it was stopped last year 2017. pls let me know please

  55. Rasheed olawuyi says:

    Please can I still have my dob change on my waec result

  56. Ifeoma says:

    Pleas i want to change my dob on my waec nd birth certificate i need it urgently

  57. Adebayo says:

    Please give me your number

  58. oyinkansola says:

    Hi! Am having issues with my dob and am scared cos i need admission this year,can an affidavit not help?

  59. Henri says:

    Hello friend, thank you for this article. In my own case WAEC made a mistake on my gender/sex instead of ‘Male’ it was stated as ‘Female’. Could it be corrected and please how?

  60. Aliu ismail Alabi says:

    pls reply

  61. Pls is change of state possible

  62. Osato says:

    thanks I have read all the information you posted… I have similar issues too but I have done everything since last year November and am still waiting for their reply

  63. Osato says:

    thanks I have read all the information you posted… I have similar issues too but I have done everything since last year November and am still waiting for their reply. But I don’t know If I can still hasting it up because am seriously in need of it as a matter of urgency

  64. Marynoir says:

    well done, this was exactly what i went through when i gained admission into UNIBEN. Am currently waiting for the corrected WAEC result for almost a year now. I just hope i can get it for me to go ahead with my NYSC application.

  65. Shade says:

    Pls i had an issue with my names … In jamb i used hussein salimat folashade bt in wece i used hussein folashade salimat. Pls aw can i go abt it and wat effect dos it likely to happen to me?

  66. Emmanuel says:

    pls contact me
    I made a mistake in my date of birth in waec and I need to know the easy and fast way of fixing it

  67. Akpanwa Ekene says:

    Mine is year and gender

  68. Victoria says:

    I don’t no the date of birth on my weac result is there away i can check it online

  69. Victoria says:

    Mine is date who should i contact only on whatsapp

  70. King Joseph says:

    Please how can i correct the one of NECO?

  71. Pls,how long does it take WAEC to correct the DOB in the student’s online profile before d result is final sent to the student? If u change the DOB would it reflects on d student’s WAEC profile And this is d most important thing in correction of DOB and not only changing it on the result for security purposes. I am asking because I wanted to do mine.please be sincere because I don’t know how true is it.

  72. Amaechi says:

    I am 4th year law student and I just figured out that my date of birth is wrong in my Waec result,although I have being screened in my 1st year,but we have another clearance in my 3rd year and I wasn’t cleared because my DOB on my birth certificate did not tally with my birth certificate…I went to the WAEC office at Asaba,after payment of my bank Draft of 10,000…the account officer told me WAEC does not make sure correction again because people do it to falsify their age…the officer said it is only the month and the day that can be changed and not the year…so am confused,need an urgent reply ASAP

  73. tony says:

    Bro give me ur email

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